Friday, August 5, 2011

Kick it into gear, Waddell

A book series that I've enjoyed are the Blood (for a lack of a better term) books by Dan Waddell.  Waddell is a British author with a background in geneology.  He's well known for creating the Who Do You Think You Are? phenomenon in the UK.  His books, The Blood Detective and Blood Atonement follow geneologist for hire, Nigel Barnes as he assists the London police with investigations on cases that have a historical bent to them.  The living-history theme caught my attention, and the writing/storytelling kept it. 

It must be more than 2 years since Blood Atonement was published, and I've been haunting Chapters waiting for book 3 (there was a bit of lead in at the end of book 2 that I'm hoping he'll carry through).  Finally, fed up with passive activities, I started looking for info on book 3.  Thanks to social media, I've stumbled across a couple of answers regarding the delay.  From Waddell's Facebook page (

Dan Waddell  The third book will be released this Autumn. The format and method of its release is still to be decided. If that makes sense...  April 29 at 5:04pm

And then, a few months later:

Dan Waddell I am working as hard as I can on this - the books are done, just need an ******* publisher to get ***** in gear. The *******.  June 24 at 7:18am
Wait.  What?  Books?  Alright, I can stand the wait.  I get the feeling from these posts, and some other on-line writing that he's done, that there might be questions surrounding eReaders.  I certainly hope that his next works appear in paper - I like collecting books. 
I'm certainly looking forward to his next addition to my library - paper or electronic!

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